Posted by: gljcm2 | September 10, 2001

Postings Listing

Here’s a roadmap to my CHRYSALIS weblog…

To help you better navigate my weblog, on this page I’ll include a list of all my postings along with a quick synopsis of some of the topics covered in each. I’ll include links so you can take a look at the postings that interest you.


Within the Cocoon
safe in my cocoon things have been happening, but now I long to grow in order to leave it. (struggles, gains, losses)

On Being Valued
as a mother and wife I am a nurturer. And yet I also must be nurtured as well. my discovery- I need to be valued.

A New Phase
Learning how to adjust to the changes in my life does not come easy and yet I start to feel progress and notice change.

February 2003 Update: The butterfly is free… and yet continuing to change and grow

Poetry Place 1 Feeling my new wings…. and exploring what is out there in the world

Poetry Place 2 Recognizing the tenderness of people in our lives and learning to trust


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