Posted by: gljcm2 | May 16, 2007

WELCOME! May 16, 2007

16 May 2007

Current mood:creative

Welcome to my space! I’m entering a new world – one of high speed internet for the first time (and yes, it’s AWESOME!) and of creating my own space. This isn’t my first web page. The other one is flying around in cyber space thanks to the demise of the web host!

It’s a new age though for me. The original web site was named Chrysalis… the pre- butterfly resting and growing in its cocoon. Creating a new life, while mourning the old. And now, the butterfly has come forth – strong, vibrant and ready to live with passion and strength. Thus the new name La Mariposa – the Butterfly.

Why in Spanish? Because in my soul, I think I must be Mexican. I love the ocean, the breeze, the heat of the sun on my body, the friendliness of the people. Given the choice I would move there in a heartbeat. Perhaps someday I will be the Mexican Mariposa, but for now, I will use this place to record the next stage of the butterfly.

Welcome to my space – mi casa es su casa!



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