Posted by: gljcm2 | May 19, 2007

Who Is This Woman May 19, 2007

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19 May 2007
Who IS this Woman???

Current mood:mellow

Well, it’s amazing! Thanks to my space, I have gained a year (oh geez, no I haven’t, I really am 52!) and lost a husband. I have no idea where it got the idea I am single, but that’s what it says. Does anyone know how to edit that part? I think Garry would appreciate it!

It’s the May long weekend here in Alberta Canada, and only the weather man doesn’t seem to know it. Why would he send rain and cold when we have 3 days off to do whatever we want? My plants are waiting to go in, and yet threats of FROST hover overhead. Not my idea at all of what spring means. No wonder I wish I were in Mexico.

Today has been busy – visiting mom in the hospital, picking up a few more plants, planning my trip to LA to see Carissa and take her things there. What a great life!!! I am so fortunate.

The butterfly is doing what she loves. Have a good one.



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