Posted by: gljcm2 | December 22, 2007

Are we Programmed for Giving?

Christmas recognizes the ultimate gift – as small, unassuming and innocent as any gift could be – a child who would become the living example of what we could strive to be. Ultimate because not only was his birth a gift to us, but his death was as well. Imagine sacrificing your child or your life to show the world what grace and love really are.

Do you see the opportunities to give that are around you every day.  At Christmas we give to Santa’s Anonymous knowing the somewhere a child, a family, a senior will experience some of the joy of Christmas because of our gift.  Perhaps we donate to other charities or give throughout the year.

The other day I heard of a Tim Horton’s where one vehicle after another paid for the coffee of the person in the vehicle behind them… In Roger Hallers’ Creating New Christmas traditions he talks of the impact he had on at least 3 people by paying for the next person’s order – a $10.20 order.

Someone told me the other day of a missed opportunity. He was standing in line at the grocery store.  Ahead of him at the till was a mom with three small children. When it came time to pay, apparently the woman did not have the cash or credit to cover the entire bill and she sifted through her purchases to look for something to take out. Eventually a small block of cheese was removed and the woman received a few coins as change.  Watching this unfold, my friend found he did not think quickly enough.  He was left wishing he had just pulled out the five dollars needed and said “Here, Merry Christmas.” 

Am I prepared to give at a moment’s notice when opportunity arises?  Is this something I only do at Christmas, or is it the way I live my life? 

Feeling gratitude is a normal part of my life.  Hopefully giving is as well. 


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