Posted by: gljcm2 | December 23, 2007


Well folks…my blogging career got off to a bad start tonight.  I attempted to share Ryan Caldwell’s great article and carefully put in his link as well as david lind’s so you would know where the article came from.  But in doing so, I also copied a whole page from David’s site and had NO idea how to delete it!

PANIC set in!  I suddenly thought, what if copying even with a link is illegal?  I’m only on day three of blogging and I’ve already screwed up big time.

So… HERE ARE MY GOALS for 2008.

1.  to write at least five days a week

2. to create my own list of blogs that I read and really enjoy on an ongoing basis

3. to create my own network of bloggers that i can learn from as well as bloggers who are rookies and are willing to share the experience

4. to start determining a niche area for myself within six months, while exploring a variety of topics at the beginning.

5. to learn more about what various blogging sites have to offer, how they are different and how they are similar and then determine which site is the best for me, or if I want more than one blog.

6. I will learn to use more effective tags and categories, and learn to evaluate stats in the first month, so that I can maximize the potential of my blog.

I am sure there is so much more to do, learn and experience. 

Goal 6.  to update my goals and evaluate my progress monthly.  This learning curve is steep and I’m ready to take on the challenge!

All the best in blogging… 



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  2. […] Blogging: Learning The Lessons The Hard Way […]

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