Posted by: gljcm2 | December 28, 2007


Helllloooooo out there???  I think there must be someone, because I’ve had two requests to moderate responses to my blog, but when I go to look there is nothing there….

It’s time to step up this learning curve… Please… Does anyone ever say, Hey, I was here!….. or write a comment on a blog…  

Perhaps I need to ask questions.   Maybe I should be controversial.  Surely we don’t just write for our self

Ahhh maybe that’s the secret.  I started out writing this for myself, but I’m not going to learn that way!  So please, if you have a spare moment will you say hi?   Write a little note? 

Or better yet,  Tell me what to do so people know when I update my blog?  I’d love to learn how to do that.  Your help, encouragement, interaction will ALWAYS be appreciated

Have an awesome day….

the Mariposa



  1. Mariposa,

    Just wanted to pop in and say “hey”. IO too just started blogging less than 6 months ago. I started up in August and have been having a blast with it. If you are wanting some suggestions, here a few lessons I learned along the way.

    Blog for a purpose. That means, either pick a topic and become an expert on it. Of you can just treat your blog as an open ended diary. If your life is interesting enough people will come back.

    As for coming back, don’t be shy about asking people to subscribe to your blog via RSS. Even better would be to give them the option of subscribing via email. After all, you don’t get things unless you ask for them.

    I would also suggest opening up a feedburner account to better manage your RSS. I am a stats junkie and love to check my analytics all the time and FeedBurner helps you keep up on your subscribers and better serve them.

    My comment just to say “hey” now looks like a mini blogging clinic but it was not intended to be like this. Feel free to email me for more advice from someone that has been doing this not too long but possibly a little longer than you. You may be able to learn from my mistakes that I wished someone would have pointed out to me when I first started.


    Dave receives my #1 RESPONDER AWARD… or FIRST RESPONDER as the case may be. Thanks for breathing life into my blog! Hopefully there will be more breaths to come…. hot air even!

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