Posted by: gljcm2 | January 27, 2008

Back home in Bucerias

Hola!  Back home in Bucerias? But how can that be; I am Canadian!Eight years ago I discovered I love Mexico. In fact as I drove through the country side in a bus from the airport to the hotel that time I felt like I had come home.  This place with it’s warmth, the sun, its friendly people, yes even with its simple houses, worn cobblestone streets, dirt paths had captured my heart.

Why I am here? All of the above and more. Here I am me…. alive, energetic, outgoing and wanting to be involved in the community. I can walk for miles each day, talk to many smiling people also out on the roads, and I can give back which only makes me feel happier. My goals are these:

  1. to live as a part of the community, not a tourist. \
  2. to live in a more healthy way creating a body that is fit and healthy
  3. to improve my Spanish
  4. to have fun
  5. and to make a difference.

I, Linda am a powerful passionate fun loving woman, and here in Mexico that defines me.  I am all of these and more.

There is so much to choose from in the next few weeks that I am here.  So many people to get to know, to share with. So many things to do.  And as I make this journey back to me, I will share my days in my blog. 

come visit when you can…. I will be here waiting for you with stories to tell and new insights into living your passion.


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