Posted by: gljcm2 | January 27, 2008

Lost…. and FOUND!

I have been lost… away from my blog and my resolution to write regularly.  And so today I return.  Life has been so full this past week – new experiences, new people, new weather and most importantly a return to the me who is energetic, busy and vibrant!  Yes, I am back in Bucerias, Mexico. 

I arrived last Saturday evening, after a long day of waiting  and flying, but ever so ready to get out and see the people who are part of my life down here.  Arriving at 6, I had my clothes unpacked and was at the plaza by 7:30. The  FIESTA had begun in town. 

Everywhere loud bands competed with one another playing a mere 40 feet apart; people vied for space on the sidewalks and rows of booths lined each side of the street. 

Do you love cut up weiners and fries ; they could be found everywhere . If that wasn’t to your liking you  deep fried bananas, glasses of strawberries, or corn on the cob with a choice of squeezed lime, sour cream, or hot sauce were readily available.  And wow!  Every 4th or 5th stall sold any type of booze you could imagine.. .. margaritas, pina colodas, you name it, they had it!  I’ve never seen such well stocked bars – especially in  fair stalls that usually offer games of chance and greasy burgers. 

But of course they had those as well. For a dollar you could throw 4 or 5 darts at a board and break a balloon.. I never did figure that one out!  Someone would pop 3 balloons and still go away empty handed… or worse yet, bring out more money and throw again!!! Never did see any prizes being handed out or anyone carrying them either.  They were behind the counters though. 

Possibly more inviting was to throw the darts and win a beer…or 2 darts and 2 beer or 3 darts… and  get a six pack!  Where else can you win beer at the fair and drink it right there.  I think the ones who really won were those who went into the corner tienda (store) and bought a can to go. It cost them less, but maybe it wasn’t as much fun!  

So fiesta lasted for 9 days….every day filled with non stop music, dancing, families out together, and rides.    I RODE the bumper cars for my first time ever! I’ve never laughed so hard in my life and never did get the hang of it either.   I couldn’t work the gas and the steering wheel at the same time – perhaps  laughter was getting in the way.  Meanwhile, I just kept shooting straight backwards and running into a wall while everyone else spent their time charging one another!

I rode the ferris wheel too… my first time in 30 years.  Was interesting to see the guy pushing it to get it going…  i wondered if it could be the same one we rode in Lac La Biche as kids.   There were rides aplenty, and they certainly reminded me of ones from 30 years ago… whoops.. make that FOURTY years ago… can you believe it??

 Thursday was the biggest day of the celebration.  12 boats arrived reinacting the arrival of the church’s Patron Saint… Santa Maria de le Paz.  The boats were blessed,  and that night a huge tower was erected.  Like a hopscotch pattern they attached 4 designs of animals to the middle of the tower… each one higher than the next.  There was a bull at the bottom, a dove with a branch next, an emu next and at the very top a crab.  In between the single animals they put two side-by-side designs… 2 pin wheels, 2 figure eights.. different things.  Then using fuses, they lit each level individually.  We watched as first the pinwheels spun, throwing off white sparks, the colors of the design changing as they burned based on the chemicals that were used in the making.  One by one they lit each row… after the previous one died.  It was wonderful to watch.  At the top just before the crab were the words Virgin de la Paz and they also had their turn to be lit up and burn…. beautiful bright colors and white sparks once again filling the air. When it was over… the people turned back to their families and the party began again…. 12:30 am and they were no where near finished celebrating….

 How lucky I am to have been part of it….,.

Haste pronto….. see you soon…

until next time…


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