Posted by: gljcm2 | February 14, 2008

Mariposa Musings A Day in the Life Valentine 2008

What a day!  Living the life and sharing it in so many ways. First, Feliz Valentin!  A day for love.  Today I bought 6 beautiful red roses and 2 very special white roses.  The red roses I gave to friends who share my life here in Bucerias.  One each for my special Mexican friends who work such long days in the market – some of them 7 days a week, while the others work 6!  Beautiful red roses set in plastic cups, half filled with water and stones from the street to weigh them down.  Beautiful flowers for beautiful people. 

And then….

Two white roses in memory of a special lady… a woman I never met.  And yet last year on Valentines Day I went to her sons´ restaurant to order a piece of cheesecake.  It was cheesecake to die for… so wonderful and I had had it only once before.  It was a Valentines Day where I felt lonely…alone in this beautiful country, and watching so many couples sharing a special evening.  The cheesecake was my loving treat for me.

Imagine my surprise when I was told by the owner the cheesecake was a gift from his mother; that she wanted me to have this, it was her gift to me.  The cheesecake was accompanied by a vibrant red rose, which brought tears to my eyes… this kindness from strangers was totally unexpected.

In October when I returned to Bucerias the full story unfolded on a return visit to the special restaurant. Reminding the owner of the wonderful thing they had done for me on Valentine´s led to his sharing an amazing story. 

He said,  “You did not know what happened that day.  My mother died on Valentine´s… in the afternoon.  When you came that night and asked for Sheila´s cheesecake it was as if she had sent us a sign that she was okay – her way of letting us know. ”    These were the last cheesecakes Sheila would prepare.

What an incredible gift…. his sharing of his story.  These are a sensitive spiritual people. I share that belief and that spirit. To have been a part of something meaningful to them was truly a gift.

 Today I returned.  In my hand were two white roses.   ¨”Es para ti madre.  ti recordada”  These were my words to him.  “These are for your mother.  She is remembered.¨  Thought my words were simple and perhaps not perfect Spanish, they were sensitive and spiritual.

How amazing what brings people of different cultures, different countries together.  Each of us has heart… each of us needs love…let us give WHAT we can, WHEN we can….

Today I felt this and more…

Feliz Valentin!


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