Posted by: gljcm2 | October 30, 2008

Three More Sleeps till Mexico

“Three more sleeps”… any other time I have left for Mexico those words would have created a swell of excitement within. This fall it is different. This time my trip was planned months in advance. I booked the ticket in August which is different from my usual “last minute cheap ticket purchase” that allows me 3-5 days to get ready. Little did I know that when late October came, I wouldn’t be as ready to go. But my life has changed.

Living on my own in my little house, I am content. I feel a sense of peace; my days are as busy as I choose; I create opportunities to be with friends or chat on the phone. I am feeling more connected to others and happier within.

My “new life” has brought many realizations. An important one has been that in the past Mexico has been somewhat an escape. It was my way of being away from the loneliness of my life, made legitimate by the fact that the humidity in Mexico was better for my health. In Mexico I was able to volunteer with the childen, find new friends that were available to do things, and feel connected to people who wanted to be with me. But now I am beginning to find this contentment and peace here as well and the driving need to go to Mexico has diminished. Yes I will enjoy it; but now I am finally at peace in Canada too. 3 more sleeps, and I will enjoy every minute until the plane leaves the ground.

 If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown


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