Posted by: gljcm2 | November 3, 2008

Medical Help in Mexico

Medical Help in Mexico

A primary concern of tourists is what if I get hurt or sick? Will there be good medical services. My experience today says Yes, indeed! In Bucerias, Nayarit, the service is EXCELLENT!

Today was my first full day here. Early in the day I worked in the yard, walked to town, and came back for lunch. After that I went shopping with a friend for about an hour and a half . During that time I felt weak at times, but suddenly I could not breathe well. It felt as though something was cutting off my air —as though my windpipe were closing up or being pressed down.
Reta drove me directly to a small private clinic/hospital and this is where the word SERVICE began. Dr. Victor assessed me immedatly –no waiting in a room- and then led me directly to a hospital room where I was hooked up to both an iv and oxygen. Apprently my blood pressure had dropped to 74 over 47, which is very low. As well I was very dehydrated. I was able to spend two hours at the hospital receiving help, and then was given the choice to return home or stay there for the night.
I have come home, but am taking it very easy. It is wonderful to know that Dr. Victor will act quickly, and know just what to do. Yes, medical service in Mexico today was just what I needed! Thanks, Dr. Victor.


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