Posted by: gljcm2 | April 2, 2009

Living Like a Tourist

Relaxing in the all inclusive resort on a short 3 day holiday, I find myself more restless, more antsy… I love the manicured gardens and yard, the beautiful flowers, the pool and the ocean as they glisten in the sun and all the blue that surrounds me. Although I have lived in Bucerias for six months the morning view never fails to astound me. Ocean, (i have longed for all my life); warmth; and blue sky. I am surrounded by light. I do not know what today will bring, but tonight we will go to supper. I will have another chance to dress up, like a little girl playing, and will dine on the beach with the sound of the surf, later the stars above, and service to die for, lol. It is a change from my casita, my dusty roads, my roosters crowing at all hours…. a welcome change.
And yet even here I find the people to talk with in Spanish, those who want to learn about our English classes, and have even come to know one young man who will come to my house next Monday and work with me for a week on his Spanish. He is 16 and wants so badly to learn. I know he will study hard. His parents are so happy for him to have this opportunity.
These people are everywhere… where it is luxurious and where it is poor. It is the people I am drawn to and fortunately they to me. Today though I will relax… breathe… enjoy the sunshine at the resort and be grateful that I am here in Mexico. Less than 2 weeks and I shall return to Canada….


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