Posted by: gljcm2 | August 4, 2009

Moving Forward

There are definitely times of transition in our lives. Some changes we choose; others occur as a result of outside forces. Regardless, transition means change!

I am a work in progress. This past ten years has been a time of huge change for me. Interestingly enough, the biggest changes came at the beginning of that 10 year period and at this end of the 10 years. Its like “here we go again… another life to create and once again it’s my own.” How can this be?

Looking back I realize we change many times during our lives. Think of the changes from baby to toddler or child to teen. These transitions don’t stop once we reach adulthood. New jobs, lost jobs, illness, marriage, divorce, children, death… and many more situations come into play and turn our lives upside down. I know that once again this time of transition no matter how difficult will end back in the light with new learnings, new experiences and that wonderful old sense of I truly love my life.

10 years ago I claimed to be the Chrysalis. Unable to work for medical reasons, I no longer felt I had a purpose. Teaching was my passion and my soul was no longer refueled daily by the children I had been teaching. The energy and sense of purpose my teaching gave me was gone. My love of music died. My opportunities to interact with other people disappeared. Slowly i allowed myself to open up, grow, find new experiences and therefore new meaning. Eventually, the butterfly emerged and life was pretty beautiful.

But life has a way of catching up to us and sadness returns. The desire to reenter the cocoon can return, and another time of rebuilding takes place. I am there once more, but today I feel my strength, my sense of purpose, and my determination. I know what I want in life and I will someday have that. My passion is strong, my abilities many,. and I am the creator of my path if God is willing.

Today I have many questions. Who will be in my life, what will be in my life, where will my life be? These are all opportunities waiting to happen; adventures waiting to be experienced. Someday I shall look back on this time, grateful for the opportunity to grow once more and bring more wonderful things into my life.


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