Posted by: gljcm2 | September 2, 2009


Despite the “cracks” (see earlier blog on aging), I learned today that Grandma isn’t as old as Aleah thinks. Forgetful, yes; old, no!

Looking “hot” this morning, I left the house for the Retired Teachers’ “To Hell with the Bell” first day of school breakfast. I certainly didn’t think I was looking a year away from retirement! However the old lady memory kicked in immediately as I faced a LOCKED car in front of me, and a LOCKED house door behind me. WHAT TO DO???????

With only 30 minutes till the special event, I quickly evaluated the options and immediately realized the bathroom window was my only chance. Measuring up the situation I grabbed the green lawn chair, placed it under the skinny bathroonm windows and climbed up, only to find the window was too high. What to do????

Thirty seconds later I was on the front street looking for a small child I could put through my window, which at best was a poor solution,. It was a long way down to drop in to my bathtub!

Suddenly the solution came rolling up the street on a bicycle, accompanited by a big german shepard. A young man big enough to hold the chair down while I climbed up on the back of itl

Questioning my sanity in asking someone who looked like a non working, campgound dweller, I weighed my choices and asked if he would do me a favor. “Would you help me break into my house. I’m late getting to a meeting in Red Deer.”

Yep, he was willing and immediately we were setting up in the backyard – he holding the chair steady , while grandma climbed up on the chair, then the arm, then the back, reached up to the window and began to haul her body up and through the window. Excitement raced through me as I first balanced my knee on the ledge and then pulled my body up into the window frame. Relief followed quickly as I realized I could actually fit through it. Fear followed as my foot lowered to the toilet tank and success roared as my other foot hit the toilet seat. I was IN!

With a quick thanks to my new friend, a screen slapped back into the frame, my stick logged in place to hold the window closed and a drop to the floor, I was on my way to grab my keys and hit the highway. Granny was attending TO HELL WITH THE BELL!

Not bad for an old lady who needed to save herself! Got a house you need broken into???


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