Posted by: gljcm2 | November 23, 2009


Music … dance… they are such an important part of the Mexican culture. Last night we celebrated the first anniversary of Hugh and Simone at the Twisted Rose in Bucerias- The Cuban Salsa Band kept the dance floor full as Mexicans and Gringos partied together. Colorful balloons, candlelight, and palm trees in this open air bar and restaurant lent an air of romance, community and the Mexican spirit. As always Hugh greeted every person making them feel like they were part of family. This is why I love Mexico so much. If you are open to the spirit, you can´t help but feel you belong here.

But not all celebration in Mexico takes place in the local restaurants, bars, and cantinas. Little did I know when the evening began that at midnight I would experience another form of celebration. The music which has been filling the air the past week late into the night drew´a friend and I out to Colonia Las Brisas. a Mexican area a half mile east of my house. There we found the partying going strong. This is a time of many fiestas here in Mexico as we just celebrated the Revolution with a parade and national holiday. Young people danced as the band played, famlies sat on stone walls as their babies slept in their baby chairs, and all around there was the vibrant life of a Mexican fiesta. Brightly colored rides for the children were finally still, tables and chairs held those who enjoyed a late snack of tacos, and a brightly lit market stayed open, but it appeared the shoppers had moved on to other things. Today though the rides and markets will once again be alive with the voices and laughter of the people.

It was a magical place… a glimpse into how the Mexican people celebrate. Evidence that family still comes out together. That something as simple as music and dance in a community plaza square can bring community together.

As my friend and I danced, a pair of young couples with their babies, watched our attempt at the dance that is so common with the young people today. They smiled, then laughed as they commented to each other. While I couldn´t hear them I know they had noticed the damcing gringa with blonde hair… the only blonde in the plaza. My friend who does not look very Mexican possibly also passed as a gringo. Giving me the thumbs up sign and a smiling nod they shared their approval. Later we danced along side of them, smiling, making eye contact, only to stop and chat while we admired their babies before we left. Even in the colonias we were welcome….Yes, music, dance, and beautiful people. Not only did they know HOW to celebrate. THEY are my reason to celebrate today.


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