Posted by: gljcm2 | March 13, 2010

Ahhhh, My Mexico

Ahhh my Mexico, you are so beautiful, funny, eye opening, and delightful. You are not the Mexico of the hardworking tourist who arrives for a week to luxuriate in an all inclusive. You are the Mexico of the people…. the Mexico that welcomes those with a sense of adventure, intrigue, and a love of learning into the lives of those who really live here. You are the Mexico that tests my openness, challenges my adaptation, and frees me to be me in all things.

The BIG BLACK CRITTER entered my life today and disappeared just as quickly, scurrying under my bed, afraid of me, as I was of him! What was he???? Who knows, but as he hid under my head, I climbed down from the top of it to get my Home Defence out and draw the line. Turista and critter will not meet again. Home Defence will take care of that. I think perhaps he was a cucaracha. Years ago I SANG of them; NOW I really know what they are.

Speaking of critters, my buzzer rang about an hour later. Two men with big tanks on their backs and another official looking fellow waited while I did the “Where’s my darn keys” dance? Here if you misplace your keys, you’re LOCKED IN as much as you are LOCKED OUT.

Finding the keys allowed me to continue on to step 2 of the next adventure. There they stood patiently waiting, tanks on their backs, spray guns in hand. No the PEST BUSTERS had not heard of the big black critter. They were here because of the little critters on my orange tree! Who would have thought! They show up unannounced, tanks attached to chase away my next batch of critters FOR FREE!!!!! Guess they could tell by the leaves on the tree that this was not a happy citrus. Stepping back from the spray zone, I watched as my tree was given its own level of protection. And the amazing part — they THANKED ME for letting them do it! Have an awesome day, Amigos.

The highlight of today is another helping of DUSTY FRIED CHICKEN!!!! NO, it’s not really fried, but Col. Sanders has nothing on this chicken! Roasted on half barrel grills OUT ON THE STREET by the ladies, these flavored chickens are wonderful. They can’t help but absorb some of that street dust as the cars drive by. For a mere $6.00, I purchase my sumptuous homemade chicken just a block from my house from a lovely family. After literally CHOPPING the whole chicken into sections, they place it on a styrofoam plate, add a sandwich bag of tasty Spanish rice, enough fresh tortillas for a HUGE Mexican family, a sandwich bag of coleslaw and another big plastic bag of a sauce I’ve yet to taste. You might say at this point there are TWO CHICKENS… me and the one I’m looking so forward to eating. Today’s DUSTY FRIED CHICKEN was as delicious cold as it was last night hot! What a way to dine!

And now I will enjoy some relaxation time on my new patio. Completed this year it is a sanctuary on its own. The sound of the fountain, scent of the flowers, and the opportunity to sit and swing in my hammock chair offer a peacefulness and joy that is so welcome. Here I can think about family so far away; make plans for my upcoming days; talk on my skype phone, read or even have a sleep. The sun shines and yet I am protected in shade as gentle breezes blow.

Yes, today this is my Mexico. I’m happy I’m here.


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