Posted by: gljcm2 | March 15, 2010

Disallusioned in Mexico

I am frustrated tonight, a little angry and somewhat scared. It has been a very different year here in many ways. But the hardest part is feeling that I have been victimized too many times. For me, this is hard to admit, for I have always believe in the good of people.
Those who know me well believe I trust too much. My heart is open to help those in need. I have always acted on the belief that when we are kind to others we see so much good in the world. But this year, having had my wallet stolen in December and my laptop stolen from my house in January, my faith in people has been somewhat shaken. I recognized my responsibility (or lack of) when my wallet disappeared; I am much more careful now about my purse when shopping at Mega and other places.

When my laptop was taken, it was a whole new learning curve. This time I had welcomed people into my home, bought them medicines, groceries, watched their son only to have my laptop disappear the day after they were in my house. I believe they took it to pay for their rent, although they say they did not. It has never been found. I no longer invite people into my house.

But tonight when my neighbor came to the door to tell me my water meter had been stolen, which also means that I cannot get water from the town, I was totally shocked. WHY would anyone want my water meter? It turns out that these can be sold for 100 pesos – $8.00 in a new by town. Why? I have no clue. but today someone came down our street and stole the meters for my friend who have the laundry, my neighbors across the street, and mine. It means that we must now contact the water company in Valle and wait to have them replaced. I do not know yet if I will have to pay for the replacement.

The bottom line is my disallusionment. I am not naive. I know bad things happen to good people. However, as I spend my time here working with the children, offering food to those who come to my door, and being friendly to all I meet, it hurts when someone disrespects the things that are important to me. Could this happen in Canada? Yes… but the fact is that it has not. Could it happen that I might have 3 incidents in 4 months as i have here? Perhaps… but again it has not.

It is possible to allow this to affect my feelings about living here. I don’t want it too, and I will attempt to just move forward, but i wonder how often one can have these setbacks and not give up.

Tonight I am just feeling disallusioned. Tomorrow is another day. I just hope that something good will happen too…. I could use that.



  1. All days come from one day
    that much you must know,
    you cannot change what’s over
    but only where you go.


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