Posted by: gljcm2 | August 31, 2012

On the Road Again May 26, 2007

26 May 2007

Current mood:energetic

Here I am back in Los Angeles!!! Not the least bit sad to leave Alberta and the 16cm of snow we just received. And this is May 26th??? They call this spring? Actually the air felt so cool and clean, but the poor trees took such a bashing. Just think, even nature hurts nature. It’s all part of life.

I arrived in LA with shoulder breaking luggage all out of love for my sweet girl, Carissa. Her scuba gear, which I was bringing down to her, was in a bag weighing 59.8 pounds. Whoa… can’t get much closer to the 60 pound weight limit for checked baggage than that. Her laptop bag weighed 22 pounds… again the absolute limit for carry on. This girl must think she has traveling down to perfection. Course if mom’s carrying it, she really does!

So… a week in LA. A week to enjoy the warmth, lots of walking and meet up with my baby girl for a couple days. Will be wonderful to see her back from Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Tasmania. A quick visit though and then off to Catalina for her to teach scuba diving and back home for mom…. with ALOT less luggage!

An exciting week lies ahead. Perhaps a visit to the Holocaust Museum, an oppoortunity to see the Magic Castle, and who knows what else will arise. I’m happy and open.

Have a wonderful day!



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