Posted by: gljcm2 | August 31, 2012

Two years away… how the time flies

Ahhh the time has flown by and this Mariposa has forgotten to write. Two years since I last wrote at a time when I was living in Lacombe, learning to be on my own for the first time in 27 years. It was not an easy time, but change never is. Life is very different today. I have a wonderful relationship with Garry, but we no longer are together as a couple. My kids who are now 25-31 are living their own lives and have come to “accept” our separation. This was very difficult for them. So many thought we had the “perfect” marriage; if anyone was going to make it, we would. Fortunately we are still best friends and talk weekly. I am so grateful for that.
I have a new partner in my life and it is wonderful that he has also come to know and respect Garry as a friend. We are able to enjoy family celebrations all together – what a joy that is. It allows each of us to be who we are and not to miss out on special times and moments in each other’s lives.
I still travel to Mexico for six months each year, but last year I went only for two weeks as my brother was fighting cancer. It was a year of family time, special moments, of learning to live with some tears and alot of laughter. He showed us how to live every day and to accept his diagnosis; how to stay strong and treasure the time we have. In January, cancer took his life, but it also led to a family bond that was stronger than ever before.
This year when I return to Mexico it will be bittersweet, remembering why I wasn’t there last year, and knowing that I have my Casa Mariposa because of that brother. He supported my dream and helped make it possible.
And so, I hope to begin writing again. Perhaps to explore a little the events of the past year, but more importantly to explore what is important now in my life and in the world. Perhaps a new focus…. the mariposa is returning….


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