Posted by: gljcm2 | December 14, 2012


Our ChurchAnyone who knows me really well knows that I have struggled for a long time finding my way. When I taught, led choirs, coached gymnastics, had my children, my marriage, my family close by, life was simple and somewhat predictable. But when those things end, change, leave – sometimes we are left with a huge void. And as a result, for a long time I have asked


This fall I began a journey… a quest. I will create the focus that is needed to create the life I long for. And an important part of that is my desire to know what God has in store for me. What is my mission in this life that he has set for me.

Here in Bucerias I am creating the supports and the environment where that life will begin to evolve. My new relationships at La Fuente will support me in making a difference in Mexico as part of a larger family rather than on my own as I used to do. There are so many areas for involvement and at this time, my heart is leading me into projects that will use my gifts and talents to make a difference in God’s world. I realized years ago that was my mission in life… my reason for being. And now I am once again putting it into action.

Lord, help me to follow the path you set for me. Please bring the people into my life who will support me, who will allow me to touch their lives as they touch mine. Our major role here on earth is to love… as you love us. Let me be a vessel that shares your love each day. I ask this in Jesus’ name.

Today my focus is on my current projects:
1. To purchase the 2 garbage cans for my street corners so that our neighborhood can be clean and welcoming. To show the children that when we show respect for mother nature by keeping her clean we are serving others.

2. To create my Life Rocks and have them used for the missions to give people a physical symbol of our love for each other.

3. To plan for teaching English in January. and that God will show me where the need is – English for the children or for the adults. I know both need it, but where can I make the greatest difference.

4. To do my best on Sunday as I direct our Christmas Choir. Finally, 13 years after sickness let to the end of my teaching and my involvement in music, I joined a choir and began to use my voice to sing again. Who would have known that I would end up directing. Such fullness back in my heart.

4 Bags of Garbage picked up in the neighborhood

4 Bags of Garbage picked up in the neighborhood

Life Rock Peace Pax

Life Rocks Love Amor

Life Rocks   Love on one side; Amor on the otherKeep it in your pocket close by or on a shelf to remind youthat love is an important power in our lives.Life Rocks Gratitude


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