Posted by: gljcm2 | December 15, 2012


The push is on in Bucerias this year to make it a cleaner, friendlier place. On the tourist side of town there has been a huge work action taking place to clean up the streets using machinery donated by the government and labor volunteered by the people. Its wonderful to see so many Mexicans and gringos out working together to enhance our community. (excuse my word gringo, but its hard to find a word that fits. We are all Americans, North Americans; we all live here for varying lengths of time; so what term is appropriate??? )

Over on the Mexican side I am also trying to do my part. Two weeks ago Bob was out cleaning the garbage on the street corner when I came home from choir. I suggested he let the 4 kids watching him help. They were thrilled to join in. Four bags later the street looked so much better, but three days later the garbage bags were once again torn open by the dogs and garbage strewn about. While the garbage pick up in Bucerias is wonderful, there is a huge lack of garbage cans.

After a search I have now purchased 2 metal barrels – one for each corner of my street. Hopefully they will stay there and not be taken as people do come by in the night and steal them sometimes. They are old barrels, but I will paint the street address on them in bright orange letters and hopefully this will reduce some of our problems. I’m really excited about this. When people see others creating change in their communities hopefully more people will become active as well. Looking forward to a cleaner friendlier street in my little part of paradice too!



  1. Wonderful – one person at a time creates a movement of action for positive change. Congratulations!!

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