Butterflies!  They are beautiful to behold as they flit from one scented blossom to the next, brilliant colors flashing, catching our eye but for a second.  They never stay too long , for there are so many enticing sites calling …

Hard to imagine that not long before they were  curled up , hidden deep in a dark brown CHRYSALIS… slowly preparing to enter a new world.

10 years ago the Chrysalis was my home…

what do you do when life as you know it changes drastically

After teaching for 20+years, I became ill and was unable to continue what was for me not a job, but a vocation.  I loved teaching…it is what I was meant to do.  But we don’t always get what we want…

and so I found myself at home, suddenly without purpose,  social interaction, my health, or my energy.  It was during that time, the Chrysalis became my essence. I created a website and called it Chrysalis. There I journaled, wrote articles, poetry, and shared who I was as I went through the stages of grieving and into growing.

Today I am no longer the Chrysalis…. I am the BUTTERFLY

I have spread my wings, accepted my reality and found that CHANGE is WONDERFUL.

I no longer survive; I thrive.

And thus is born my blog…. my new form of expression…. MIAMARIPOSA.

Here you will see the workings of my mind… and the UNWORKINGS!    Share me with my learnings, my frustrations, my joys and my feelings. 

And share yourself as well. I love to meet people, to discuss, to entertain, to grow…

Come with the mariposa on her journey… and show her the way to yours….

Welcome, my friends….MIAMARIPOSA is ready to fly!




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